7 Signs You Shouldn’t Be A Coach w/ Luke Charlton


This Elite Entrepreneur Show episode is very different than any you have seen before. It WILL piss you off. But I created this controversial episode for a reason.

Did you know only 4% of Coaches earn more than 6 figures? Did you also know that the average wage of a Life Coach is about 25k?

If you’re thinking “well I’m not in Coaching for the money”, then that’s EXACTLY why you need to attend.

There are so many Coaches struggling out there and I need to set the record straight why. Watch and it will be just me and you – mano-a-mano – and I’ll tell you the 7 reasons why you shouldn’t be a Coach. It will be honest, it will cut through the shit, but it will also tell you WHY you’re struggling to grow your Coaching business and what you need to do to fix it IMMEDIATELY before it fails.