Powering Through The Hard Times Of Early Business w/ Gene Hammett


Here on the Elite Entrepreneur Show we’re not about get rich quick schemes when building your business, because they’re exactly that – schemes. , we’re about helping you implement practical strategies to grow your Coaching practice to an extremely profitable and stable place.

But in order to do that every business must go through the hard times. The times of doubt and second guessing. Well if this sounds a little bit like you then we’ve got a very special guest this week.

Gene Hammett, host of “Leaders In The Trenches”, helps Entrepreneurs just like you power through the tough early days of business as quickly as possible to come out the other side and create a very successful business. So tune in where I interview him for some of his top strategies!

Add An Extra Zero To What You Charge w/ Luke Charlton


I’ve got a very special Elite Entrepreneur Show lined up for you this week! Join me as I reveal to you the exact stealth marketing process that netted one of my clients a minimum 10k return in one strategy session with me. And I’m going to share with you exactly how I did that and how you can use the same strategy to add an extra zero to what you’re currently charging for your Coaching programs!!

Earn 6 Figures With 1 Coaching Program w/ Winton Churchil


Have you read the book ‘Think & Grow Rich’ ? Well join me on this weeks Elite Entrepreneur Show where me and my guest Winton Churchill are going to share with you a billion dollar trend that’s in the marketplace today that leverages a very specific strategy described by Napoleon Hill in that famous book. A strategy that even people like President Washington and Dale Carnegie have used.

And NO, it’s not anything to do with the law of attraction, but a very practical method you can use to employ today to explode your business profits!

A Simple Cheap Way To Get Your Message Out & Make An Impact with Rea Wilke


Have you ever wanted a simple, effective, & above all Cheap way to get your message  out and make an impact on this world?
Of course you do! Who doesn’t right? Well join me this week on the Elite Entrepreneur Show where me and my guest, Radio Talk Show Host Rea Wilke, will show you how to do this exact thing!

Here Are Your Twin Tickets To Huge Profits in 2014 with Shawn Miller


Are you positioning yourself well enough to ensure you rise above the noise and stand out in a crowded marketing place?
Have you also postured yourself to ensure you’re commanding the exact fees you’re worth?

Well join me on this week’s Elite Entrepreneur Show where Shawn Miller, who produces one of the fastest ROIT’s of any
business coach on the planet, will teach you about the “Holy Grail” convergence of posturing and positioning which
completely changes the game in business like nothing else can!

How To Create Your Ultimate Lifestyle Business with Shannon Graham


Have you got a business that has you grinding to get clients? Does it have you working long hours just to keep moving? It might even make you feel like you can never switch off and just enjoy life.

Make Big Profits On This Market Trend In 2014 Before It’s Over! with Terri Levine


Join me this week on the Elite Entrepreneur Show where I’m hugely excited to be interviewing one of the very best business coaches in the world! She has over 30 years experience working in 236+ industries, and has been featured in Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and is an author of multiple best-selling books. The person I’m referring to is Terri Levine and She’s going to tell you about a billion dollar trend in the market you’ll want to take advantage of to dominate your competition and explode your profits in 2014!

Straight Forward Marketing That Gets Results with Matt Kendall


Join me this week on the Elite Entrepreneur Show where me and my guest Matt Kendall, founder of the world’s largest psychological meetup group, will go through his straight forward marketing plan for never running out of clients and keeping them coming back for more!

Branding Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Sales with Chris Ttoufili

Join me this week on the Elite Entrepreneur Show with my guest Chris Ttofalli, co-founder of 02 Fuel Performance Training. We will discuss the branding pitfalls that many entrepreneurs fall into that destroys your company growth and what you need to do to avoid these same mistakes!

How To Attract Clients & Generate Sales With Email Persuasion w/ Ian Brodie


Join me this week on the Elite Entrepreneur Show where Ian Brodie “One Of The Top 50 Global Thought Leaders in Marketing and Sales” as described by Top Sales World Magazine, will share his email persuasion strategies to attract more clients and generates sales for your business!