Why You’re Not as Successful as You’d Like to Be w/ Luke Charlton



Ever wondered why things just aren’t ‘clicking’ for you in business? Or why you find it so hard to get Coaching clients?

In this episode of the Elite Entrepreneur Show I tell you exactly why that is and why you’re maybe not as successful as you’d like to be.

But most importantly I’ll explain exactly how you can turn it all around!

Why the Latest Marketing Strategy Won’t Help You w/ Luke Charlton

Episode24LukeCharltonIn tennis, you don’t win Wimbledon by creating a new shot. Your Coaching business is the same – you don’t build a successful practice by simply knowing or coming up with the latest marketing strategy.

So how do you get them then?

Well, watch this episode of the Elite Entrepreneur Show to find out how the most successful Coaches do it!

Getting on Stage to Get More Clients! A Step-by-step Guide! w/ Annik Rau

If you’re the type of person that understands it’s 10x easier to get new clients when you’re able to speak in front of your ideal prospects from stage, then what the hell are you doing reading this?

You should be on stage NOW getting those clients!

Don’t know how?

Well then, you should definitely tune in to this episode of the Elite Entrepreneur Show where I interview Annik Rau, the founder of one of the UK’s leading public speaking platforms – Pony Express Club!

We discuss how you can find a stage that puts you in front of your ideal prospects to get you more clients asap!

Taking the Next BIG Steps in Your Business w/ Byron Watts


In business we need to know how to take BIG steps in order to get the BIG results we want. Whether that’s getting more cash flow, more clients, or quitting your 9-5 and moving to the other side of the world with no friends, no family and no network like me :P

But sometimes when it’s time to take these big steps we get stuck. Overwhelmed with all of the options, we don’t know which direction
to take. If this sounds like something you’re struggling with in life and business then you’re definitely going to want to watch this episode of the Elite Entrepreneur Show where I interview Byron Watts on how he helps his clients take these BIG steps using his proprietary systems.

How To Transform Your Business in 2014 w/ Carol Wain


Imagine what it would be like to reinvent yourself and at the same time completely transform your business into higher profits in 2014…

Well you won’t have to imagine because on today’s Elite Entrepreneur episode you’re going to be able to come and interact LIVE with the ‘Queen of Reinvention’ Carol Wain, where she is going to share with you her step-by- step formula to do exactly that.

How to Hire Coaches to Grow Your Company w/ Jaemin Frazer


We’re back to ‘normal’ on this week’s Elite Entrepreneur Show after last week’s crazy episode ’7 Signs You Shouldn’t Be a Coach’, with another amazing guest, and you’re not going to want to miss it! I interview Jaemin Frazer who runs one of the top Coach training organisations in Australia!

We’re delve into what it takes to run a successful Coaching organisation in todays market, and how you go about hiring other Coaches to grow your company!

7 Signs You Shouldn’t Be A Coach w/ Luke Charlton


This Elite Entrepreneur Show episode is very different than any you have seen before. It WILL piss you off. But I created this controversial episode for a reason.

Did you know only 4% of Coaches earn more than 6 figures? Did you also know that the average wage of a Life Coach is about 25k?

If you’re thinking “well I’m not in Coaching for the money”, then that’s EXACTLY why you need to attend.

There are so many Coaches struggling out there and I need to set the record straight why. Watch and it will be just me and you – mano-a-mano – and I’ll tell you the 7 reasons why you shouldn’t be a Coach. It will be honest, it will cut through the shit, but it will also tell you WHY you’re struggling to grow your Coaching business and what you need to do to fix it IMMEDIATELY before it fails.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Profits w/ Robert Holmes


You know what they say , business success is 10% strategy/tactics and 90% mindset. Often we know what we need to do, we just don’t do it. Like eating healthily, or remembering to get Mum a birthday card – it just never happens.

Sorry Mum.

Anyway, on today’s Elite Entrepreneur Show , I’m really excited to be interviewing my guest Robert Holmes because he is an expert in human behaviour and performance enhancement! So you’ll want to tune at 3pm EST and interact LIVE with us to find out how you can change your mindset to increase your Coaching profits immediately!

How To Quit Your Job & Launch A Successful Coaching Business! w/ Kevin Kleitches


Last year I moved to London with no friends, no family, and absolutely no network. At the same time, I was going over there to grow my Coaching business!

Well on this week’s Elite Entrepreneur Show my guest Kevin Kleitches has just done the very same thing. Come interact with us live to find out the exact strategies and techniques Kevin and I used to make this gigantic leap and go ‘cold turkey’ into the land of Entrepreneurship and how you can apply these to your business to explode your cash-flow over the next few weeks!

How To Ethically Control Your Audience & Sell $20K+ Coaching Programs From Stage w/ Steven Rowell


Coach – how would you like to learn from one of the top speakers in the world on how to command a stage, ethically control your audience, and sell your own $20k+ high-end Coaching programs?

Well if that interests  you you’re going to want to watch the Elite Entrepreneur Show where I’m going to interview a very good friend of mine Steven Rowell, and find  out he best secrets on how he consistently manages to sell  $20,000+ programs from stage and close over 40% of the room!