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From The Intnl. Office Of Luke Charlton:


Hello and welcome to ZAG Coaching’s Elite Entrepreneur Certification Application.


Our accelerated business development programs are ONLY for serious Coaches who want to rise to #1 status in todays overcrowded market place to command the highest fees without having to write a book, have a product, or even a website.


These are the same systems Luke and his clients use to create scalable ROIT (Return On Invested Time) High-End Lifestyle Coaching businesses they can use to change lives and run from anywhere in the world.


Read The Following Carefully To Make Sure This Is For You:


This is not a ‘sales page’ so this means we are not trying to sell you anything or get you to join something.


We just want to be straight forward and honest so as not to waste either of our time. So before moving forward into any of our programs you must understand who this training is for and who it is NOT for.


Our vetting process is one of our key strengths because it is very strict. ALL of our clients that sign on with us become Case Studies in our certification programs. Therefore, we are very careful we only allow in those Coaches primed for success and are ready to take focused outcome driven action to quickly get the results they’re after.



With that being said, see below to see the types of Coaches that apply to get results with us…




  • Coaches wanting to create a lifestyle Coaching business that serves low-end as well as high-end clients


  • Coaches that have a desire and willingness to sell programs that run at least 5K+


  • Coaches able to take specific directions to make speed their competitive advantage in today’s overcrowded market place


  • Coaches who would like direct assistance with Luke Charlton to transaction their marketplace value into higher business profits


  • Coaches wanting to build their own Coaching model from which to scale their company and position themselves as the #1 expert in their niche (without a book, product, or website)


  • Coaches who are willing to speak in front of large audiences to position themselves as the authority figure in their industry and rapidly add multiple high-end clients at once


  • Coaches who value contributing to others and their marketplace just as much as (or more than) they value making money


  • Coaches who are HONEST and ETHICAL in their approach and who enjoy helping clients get results — massive results






  • Coaches who do not want to build a scalable high-end lifestyle Coaching business


  • Coaches who see Business Coaching/Consulting as a cost and NOT an investment


  • Coaches who just want to ‘make money’ and don’t want to share their passion with their audience


  • Coaches who want ‘overnight success’ and aren’t willing to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their dreams


  • Coaches with a ‘veteran’ mindset that are not prepared to challenge their assumptions about success and don’t believe they can learn from someone younger than them


  • Coaches who are perpetually in ‘information gathering’ mode and are not willing to take focused, outcome driven action to greatly accelerate their results


  • Coaches intimidated by media exposure or speaking to position themselves as the expert and authority figure in their industry


  • Coaches who are afraid to let go of typical ‘expert business systems’ that aren’t getting them the results they desire


One more thing we need to be upfront about – this Business Coaching IS expensive.  But if you’re going to be learning to position and sell your own high-end Coaching programs that run $5K-$25K+ then it only makes sense you’d be investing the same right?

If you’re still reading and you ‘tick’ all the boxes then  here’s what you need to do…


This is Part 1 of the certification Application Process…


There’s no opt-in, no long funnel and no hype or product launches.


Instead, at the bottom of this page, you’ll see the second part of the application.


We’re really just trying to weed out the “tire kickers” and those who love to audit programs but NEVER commit to taking focused, outcome driven action.


And secondly, to help us sort through the requests that come into Luke’s International Office.


We also have a queue for our business coaching programs and this allows us to prioritize the most qualified applications.



Anyway, the application will be sent directly to Luke and one of two things will happen:


(1) He will personally decide that we are not a good match and let you know politely, or


(2) He will decide that we could be a good match and will schedule a consultation to engage in the second part of the vetting process to ensure that we really are.


This will assist him to decide just how ready you are to finally WIN in life and business using a completely new business model working directly with me, Luke Charlton.


There’s no pressure involved. Absolutely none.


If you want in, great. If not, no problem.


So if you know in your heart it’s time for you to WIN big, you will want to Complete Part 2 of the Application Process and gain priority placement with Luke Charlton.

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